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Hi Justine

Thank you so much for today, the girls had an awesome time and it was wonderful to see them having such fun!!!
I was very impressed with how the day ran and your organisation skills!!
Well done to you all.

Nicole, Jon and Rachel Parnaby
Birthday Party. May 2015

The girls were fantastic Nicole! Focused & fun! Thank you for bringing them out & for your kind words!
Justine – Archery park Manager

We had a great time and what’s better is that one or two people have talked about going back or even buying a bow. The only downside was that how bad we were at popping the balloons at the end!

You guys were very patient throughout and please forward my thanks to Storhm, who was a great source of information for those of us who were curious about the sport.

Brian- Bankwest. June 2015

Thank you Justine & the lovely StorHm for a great experience.

The Mckenzies. August 2015